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Chris A White

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Digital Media Technical Manager

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I am a professional front-end web developer and project manager with CMS theming experience in Drupal and WordPress, and 19 years of hands-on online developing experience focusing on practical UI design geared towards audience growth and retention. I first started developing online in 1995 with the KISS fan website, a site which ultimately grew to consist of thousands of pages and a huge community of interactive users.

Using that as a springboard, I began working at The Savannah Morning News in 2000 and have risen to the position of Digital Media Technical Manager. In that capacity, it's my responsibility to strengthen the company's main website ( and satellite digital properties by doing the developmental things necessary to assist the newsroom, marketing, & sales forces in accomplishing their audience and sales goals.

Over the years I've developed a passion for working on the web, & love the challenge of being able to harness its capabilities to communicate to others in efficient and effective ways via front-end website development and social media channels. I particularly love the open source development community and the unique opportunities for innovation that affords developers.

In working with both publishing and advertising professionals I've developed an eye for the type of objectives unique to each group, as well as the specific strategies and solutions required to assist them in reaching those objectives. I've also become quite adept at bridging the communication gap that can arise between technical and non-technical staff, and am consistently complimented for my ability to work with people at all levels, both within the company as well as outside vendors.

Over the course of 19 years working in the digital media industry I have demonstrated versatility and the ability to adapt to and anticipate the constantly changing landscape, without ever losing focus or a sense of urgency with regard to tasks currently at hand.








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