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Creative Coast names interim directors

Murray Wilson and Jill Cheeks have been named interim directors for the Creative Coast. Wilson, a former member of The Creative Coast board, is president of tps Consulting. Jill Cheeks, founder of The Meaning Co., recently served as interim director for The Savannah Children’s Choir.

Next steps at The Creative Coast

Change is afoot at The Creative Coast.

We’re starting a national search for a new executive director and we’re upgrading all of our initiatives, including the 16,000-square-foot Creator’s Foundry. We’re actively seeking input on these plans, and I’d like to frame the discussion by looking at some larger changes taking place in our community.

SULKES: One Spark spurs ideas, opportunities

This year, for the first time, I had to the opportunity to attend One Spark ( just down the road in Jacksonville.

This marked the fourth year of One Spark, which exploded onto the entrepreneurial scene in 2013, attracting more than 130,000 attendees as well as national media attention from sources like and Forbes.

BOCADE: Creative Coast: TedxSavannah to focus on 'challenge' theme

On June 24, an amazing something called TEDxSavannah will happen in Savannah. Perhaps you’ve heard of a “TED Talk,” because this term is part of the lingo nowadays. Just what exactly is a “TED Talk” and what is “TEDx?”

Creative Coast chief resigns, effective immediately

Bea Wray, executive director of the Creative Coast, announced her resignation Tuesday, effective immediately.

Wray made the choice to step down so she could pursue other projects, according to a press release sent Tuesday afternoon.


Creative Coast: Swinging for the fences at FastPitch 2016

So what is FastPitch? Have you ever seen “Shark Tank” on TV? That’s essentially FastPitch.

Can you imagine fitting your passion into a three-minute time slot?

Creative Coast: Stay open, adaptable with your next idea

You might be wondering why someone in the maintenance industry shows up to a place like Creators’ Foundry, home of The Creative Coast and a building that is recognized as Savannah’s innovation and entrepreneurial hub. How does a place like Creators’ Foundry fit into Joe’s work life and goals?


FastPitch competition winner goes by the book

On Friday, books mixed with a little bit of technology took home the top prize at the Creative Coast’s annual FastPitch competition.

Trey Gordner, right, of Koios accepts his award as overall winner of the Creative Coast’s annual FastPitch competition on Friday. (Katie Martin/Savannah Morning News)

WRAY: Time to start up and not sit back

Recently, the Creators’ Foundry in Savannah had the pleasure of welcoming Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke to speak at the Kauffman Foundation 1 Million Cups program.

WRAY: Grades, confidence, and power of belief

Entrepreneurs know that finding open doors and walking through them is a critical life skill. I have enjoyed witnessing Andy “walk through” the doors of events at The Creative Coast and, as a result, find his co-founders, identify business models and further develop the Watson communication and collaboration tools.