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Ellis: Old firm creates newest startup

New ideas don’t always come out of garages. Often times, established businesses realize a better way to operate by creating their own tools or processes. When this happens, a new startup can emerge within a larger company. That’s exactly what just happened at a seventy year old engineering and consulting company here in Savannah.

Innovate SAV: Showcasing Tech, Startups and Future Minded Teachers

Entrepreneurs, lovers of locally made products and anyone who cares about education will find tons to dig into this Friday at Innovate SAV, a one-day showcase of startups and technologies being built in Savannah.
Blake Ellis

Ellis: Gathering spots create tech, innovation hub for Savannah

I attended the Georgia Innovation Summit in Atlanta a few weeks ago and spent a lot of time talking to leaders from Macon, Augusta, Athens and Rome about stimulating entrepreneurship outside of Atlanta. One thing everyone agreed on is that innovation bubbles up from an active and engaged community, and there’s no better way to foster a community than to give people places to gather and collaborate.

Lance: Local makerspace provides opportunity

Over the past several years, local business Maven Makers has provided Savannah creators with a collaborative place to learn, design and make products. With a spacious workshop full of tools, materials and ideas to inspire your next creative project, Maven Makers offers several membership packages for those in need of the resources to create. Members pay a monthly fee, receive safety training and can then utilize any of the equipment, from bandsaws and soldering irons to 3D printers.

LANCE: Startups find healthy ecosystem in Savannah

Google the term “startup ecosystem” and a list of websites will pop up. explains, “A startup ecosystem is formed by people, startups in their various stages and various types of organizations interacting as a system to create new startup companies.”

Kait Lance: Creative Coast celebrates 2nd year of 1 Million Cups

It seems like just the other day I was writing an article for this column on the launch of 1 Million Cups Savannah, a weekly meetup featuring one to two entrepreneurs who present their ideas and endeavors to an audience of mentors, service providers and other entrepreneurs in the Savannah area.

LANCE: Virtual, augmented reality to wow at Geekend

If you follow national business news, chances are you’ve heard the terms VR and AR, short virtual and augmented reality. When you think of VR, maybe what comes to mind is the 1999 science fiction film “The Matrix” in which Keanu Reeves’ character fights for humanity in a cyber world disguised as the real world. Luckily the tech invention is used for purposes far from malevolent and is best experienced through an invention that resembles bulky goggles such as the Occulus Rift.

LANCE: Code class makes great gift

Perhaps you are looking for a career change? Maybe you want to make more money in the new year? Now is a perfect time to start considering your resolutions as we head towards 2017. Set aside some of that holiday money to invest in yourself.

Creative Coast: Demo Day showcases local entrepreneurs

Hurricane Matthew swept through Savannah last month, taking a toll on businesses, homes and families throughout the region. Thankfully, Savannah residents have shown remarkable resilience to the storm’s effects and the humdrum of business as usual has been brought back to life.

Jennifer Atkinson

LANCE: Savannah steps up after hurricane

Without a doubt, the Savannah community proved most impressive post-Hurricane Matthew. In the midst of damage to the city, Savannah citizens stepped up together in a collective heave ho to clean the city and return to a sense of Savannah’s vibrant normalcy.

LANCE: Geekend offers free tech sessions for adults, kids

If you are a regular to this column, you are sure to have read about Geekend, The Creative Coast’s annual conference that connects the brightest hackers, hustlers, makers, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs from all over.

LANCE: Opportunities arrive for startups searching for funding

Are you an entrepreneur interested in Savannah’s startup scene? If so, read on as there are some really interesting things happening in Savannah this fall.

Kait Lance

Communication skills improve business pitch

Every entrepreneur had their own communication style, some good, some not so good. That got me to thinking about the importance of effective communications when presenting business ideas, and how even the most innovative idea can be sabotaged by poor communications.

Creative Coast: Summer 500 worth the effort

If you’ve never heard of it, Mayor Eddie DeLoach’s Summer 500 Program teamed up the City of Savannah and businesses across the community to give 500 rising high school seniors paid internships for the whole summer!

Creative Coast: Boot camp helps entrepreneurs succeed

Every week I talk with five to 15 founders in the early stages of building a product-based company. Their products range from software to consumer products and they are all at different points along their growth curve. 

Oak.Works updates Savannah business

Savannahians Rob Lingle and Steve Ross are co-founders of Oak.Works, a strategy and development company that helps businesses update their workflow process. Oak.Works customizes online products, apps, websites, and entirely new software to meet the needs of the businesses they work with.

Kait Lance

Creative Coast: Makerspaces make many things possible

Do you have a collection of items pinned on Pinterest that you would like to make someday? Have you ever walked away from a store thinking “I could make that”? If so, you’re in good company.

Creative Coast Circles help you connect, thrive

A couple of months ago I was riding back from a leadership conference with TAG’s Program Director and fellow entrepreneur, Casey Herrington. We were talking about the struggles and successes that we have experienced for the past years.

Creative Coast: Tune into the Podcastpolooza

At The Creative Coast we have just the podcast to recommend if you’re a newbie to the podcast world or an established convert: The Front Porch, our weekly burst of entrepreneurial energy designed to inform and inspire. 

Creative Coast: It's time to connect and grow

At The Creative Coast, we’ve recently spent a lot of time outside, talking to our customers: creators, innovators, teachers, students, makers and business leaders. This “customer discovery” has helped us construct our own next generation product. We’ve always focused on creating and fostering connections between clever people, but we’re about to get a whole lot better at it.