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2016 New Auto Preview


Presented by Critz

BMW X1 (New for 2016!) Overall: The body says BMW, but the platform is based on the Mini line; the new X1 is one of the least financially painful ways to move up to a BMW.


Presented by Critz

GMC Canyon Overall: A mid-size companion to the Sierra in the GMC fleet; similar to the Chevrolet Colorado but with a bit more base content.


Presented by Critz

Buick Cascada (New for 2016!) Overall: Why build the Cascada? Because the world can always use another convertible; Buick can thank General Motors’ Europe-based Opel division for this one.


Presented by Critz

Mercedes-Benz GLC (New for 2016!) Overall: What’s in a name? It used to be called the GLK-Class; now this wagon has become the larger, but lighter, GLC-Class.


Presented by O.C. Welch Ford Lincoln

FORD EXPLORER Overall: Ford’s three-rows-of-seats Explorer gets a new Land Rover-inspired face for 2016, and is now available in an ultra-lux Platinum model.


Presented by Fairway Lincoln Mazda

Mazda MX-5 (New for 2016!) Overall: Perfect for people who pine for a Porsche or crave a Corvette, but lack the paycheck?


Presented by Rincon Chevrolet

CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500 z71 Overall: Chevrolet’s two-year-old Silverado gets a mid-life facelift and continues to improve with better transmissions and more technology.


Presented by Chatham Parkway Subaru

SUBARU LEGACY Overall: With sales steadily climbing, the Legacy must be considered a mainstream contender in the mid-size sedan category; retuned steering and suspension systems for 2016.


Presented by Southern Motors Savannah - Acura

ACURA RDX Overall: A mid-cycle refresh includes updated front- and rear-end designs, including Acura’s multi-projector headlights.


Presented by Chatham Parkway Toyota

TOYOTA CAMRY Overall: After recently spicing up its top-selling mid-size sedan, Toyota follows through with technical upgrades for 2016.


Presented by Fairway Lincoln Mazda

LINCOLN MKX (New for 2016!) Overall: Will the redesigned MKX tall wagon strike the same note as the smaller 2015 MKC did?


Presented by Chatham Parkway Lexus

LEXUS RX350 (New for 2016!) Overall: The best-selling model in the Lexus garage finally gets the all-new treatment and makes a bigger and bolder statement.


Honda Accord and Honda Pilot 
Presented by Grainger Honda

Honda Pilot and Honda Civic
Presented by Southern Motors Savannah - Honda 

HONDA ACCORD (New for 2016!) Overall: A mid-cycle refresh for one of North America’s top-selling brands goes way beyond skin-deep.


Presented by Chatham Parkway Lexus

NISSAN MAXIMA (New for 2016!) Overall: Nissan states that its eighth-generation Maxima sedan is every inch a “four-door sports car.” We’ve heard that before, but are they right this time?