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SLIDESHOW: New to Pooler 2016

New businesses to Pooler in 2016.

Growth and opportunities in Pooler continue to bloom as more and more businesses are calling Pooler home. As has been the case the last several years, 2016 seems to be another successful year for the Pooler economy, while allowing residents and visitors plenty of options for restaurants, shops and personal services. Here's a look at businesses that have opened so far in Pooler in 2016 or plan to open soon. Be sure to stay tuned as other companies are in the early talks of building in Pooler, including Publix, Krystal's, Henry's and Vaden Chevrolet. Did we miss a company? If you know of a business that opened in 2016, email

SLIDESHOW: Generation Next Awards Banquet by Bunny Ware

The Savannah Magazine and BiS (Business in Savannah) held its "GenerationNEXT: Savannah's Rising Stars of Business" banquet on Wednesday, January 20th, 2016. 

SLIDESHOW: Generation Next Awards Banquet by Alix Laincy

The Savannah Magazine and BiS (Business in Savannah) held its "GenerationNEXT: Savannah's Rising Stars of Business" banquet on Wednesday, January 20th, 2016. 

SLIDESHOW: Savannah Walmart Neighborhood Market Grand Opening

Savannah's first Walmart Neighborhood Market opened at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 13, with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Shoppers were lined up early to check out the Walmart Neighborhood Market, a full grocery store that offers fresh produce, a deli, ready-to-bake pizzas, a pharmacy and more.


Presented by Critz

BMW X1 (New for 2016!) Overall: The body says BMW, but the platform is based on the Mini line; the new X1 is one of the least financially painful ways to move up to a BMW.


Presented by Critz

GMC Canyon Overall: A mid-size companion to the Sierra in the GMC fleet; similar to the Chevrolet Colorado but with a bit more base content.


Presented by Critz

Buick Cascada (New for 2016!) Overall: Why build the Cascada? Because the world can always use another convertible; Buick can thank General Motors’ Europe-based Opel division for this one.


Presented by Critz

Mercedes-Benz GLC (New for 2016!) Overall: What’s in a name? It used to be called the GLK-Class; now this wagon has become the larger, but lighter, GLC-Class.


Presented by O.C. Welch Ford Lincoln

FORD EXPLORER Overall: Ford’s three-rows-of-seats Explorer gets a new Land Rover-inspired face for 2016, and is now available in an ultra-lux Platinum model.


Presented by Fairway Lincoln Mazda

Mazda MX-5 (New for 2016!) Overall: Perfect for people who pine for a Porsche or crave a Corvette, but lack the paycheck?


Presented by Rincon Chevrolet

CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500 z71 Overall: Chevrolet’s two-year-old Silverado gets a mid-life facelift and continues to improve with better transmissions and more technology.


Presented by Chatham Parkway Subaru

SUBARU LEGACY Overall: With sales steadily climbing, the Legacy must be considered a mainstream contender in the mid-size sedan category; retuned steering and suspension systems for 2016.


Presented by Southern Motors Savannah - Acura

ACURA RDX Overall: A mid-cycle refresh includes updated front- and rear-end designs, including Acura’s multi-projector headlights.


Presented by Chatham Parkway Toyota

TOYOTA CAMRY Overall: After recently spicing up its top-selling mid-size sedan, Toyota follows through with technical upgrades for 2016.


Presented by Fairway Lincoln Mazda

LINCOLN MKX (New for 2016!) Overall: Will the redesigned MKX tall wagon strike the same note as the smaller 2015 MKC did?


Presented by Chatham Parkway Lexus

LEXUS RX350 (New for 2016!) Overall: The best-selling model in the Lexus garage finally gets the all-new treatment and makes a bigger and bolder statement.


Honda Accord and Honda Pilot 
Presented by Grainger Honda

Honda Pilot and Honda Civic
Presented by Southern Motors Savannah - Honda 

HONDA ACCORD (New for 2016!) Overall: A mid-cycle refresh for one of North America’s top-selling brands goes way beyond skin-deep.


Presented by Chatham Parkway Lexus

NISSAN MAXIMA (New for 2016!) Overall: Nissan states that its eighth-generation Maxima sedan is every inch a “four-door sports car.” We’ve heard that before, but are they right this time?

SLIDESHOW: Broughton Street Restoration

Take a look at a few historic building on Broughton Street as they undergo renovations.

32 East Broughton Street