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How Should Your Business be Using Live Interactive Broadcasting?

Submitted by Tommy Wyher on Wed, 10/04/2017 - 11:52am

It’s hard to imagine a time before technology allowed us to watch videos at any time, any place. We can go online to catch up on the latest news stories or enjoy a few music videos with just a click or two.

Video has far more potential than mere entertainment, though: 76 percent of businesses embracing video say it has helped them drive more traffic to their website. Live interactive broadcasting takes online video even further, enabling real-time communication between your brand and consumers.

So, how should your business be using live interactive broadcasting to expand?

Broadcast from Live Events

Invite customers to experience expos, conferences, conventions, and other large-scale events at your side. Live interactive broadcasting enables you to take viewers along with you, revealing insights into new products, potential industry changes, and more.

This can help your audience feel as if they are being given a peek behind the curtain, and become more connected to your brand. Ask them where they want to go, what they want to see, and let them direct you around the venue.

You will be showing them what they genuinely want to see, rather than simply guessing. This is far more engaging than a simple blog written after the fact, or even a recorded video.

Host Real-Time Interviews

Interviewing key industry figures, thought-leaders, or influencers is a terrific way to build engagement with your audience and attract new followers.

Broadcasting these live gives your audience an opportunity to get involved, asking the questions they want to hear answered and effectively directing the flow of conversation. You should still have your own topics to discuss, but ask viewers to submit questions ahead of the interview or throughout too.

Your live streams have to be crisp and clear, though. Reaching viewers across the globe is only worth doing so if they can see and hear as they should – lagging and blackouts will just frustrate them. Live interactive broadcasting demands the best video platform for maximum impact.

Reveal the Process Behind Products

Provide your audience with an exclusive look into how your products are made. Generally, brands may keep this information under wraps, or simply assume buyers have no interest.

However, showing prospective and existing customers how their purchases are created can boost their appreciation for the finished piece. You can take this as deep as you like: perhaps you want to show a breakdown of the full process, from conception through to the finished product, or you might prefer to keep it shorter, covering only the final stage.

However you do this, a live video allows viewers to ask questions about the product’s manufacture and request more detail about particular areas of interest.

Take a Tour Behind the Scenes

Live interactive broadcasting is perfect for inviting your audience into your workplace for a personal tour. While countless businesses share images of their offices, labs, and more on their website, having a real-time journey is far more engaging.

This offers an opportunity to reveal more of the personalities behind your company, from the designers and the sales team to the managers. This can build a stronger bond between your business and your audience, demonstrate the creativity that goes into your products, and help to make viewers feel like part of your brand.

You might want to guide your audience from one department to another, and take questions from them (either for yourself or colleagues).

Present How-To Videos

How-to videos are an effective way to provide customers with helpful information on using the products they have bought. Viewers may need guidance on getting the most out of their purchase, depending on how advanced or complicated it is.

Instruction manuals can be confusing to read, while phone calls to your customer service department may be expensive. With a live interactive how-to video, though, you can assist customers in real-time, answering their questions with expert insight.

Once the live stream is over, you can cut these videos up into different sections to be cataloged for future reference. Build a library of how-to videos for your products, and your audience will always be able to get the maximum bang for their buck.

Experiment with Webinars

Hosting live webinars lets you educate, inform, and entertain your audience at the same time.

You may want to discuss upcoming products or developments with colleagues, allowing your viewers a glimpse of activities behind the scenes. Alternatively, you could ask customers what they would like to see or hear in webinars, and enable them to direct the content.

Yourself and colleagues can take questions from viewers in a relaxed environment, making the audience feel as if they are in the room with you. This will build a stronger connection and encourage more loyalty, which can help you retain customers in the long run.

Integrating live interactive broadcasting into your everyday business can help you grow and reach new customers. On top of this, embracing this technology now will give you an edge over competitors still yet to discover its potential too.

Have you used live video broadcasts yet, and if so, what results have you seen?