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William Porter

PORTER: Review weekly calls to constantly improve on your customer experience

Getting things worked out with a customer. A customer being nice on the phone when they could have been upset. Great outcomes when we take ownership of a customer call. All the above comments from customer service reps sitting around a table on Monday morning. Everyone sharing stories — successes and not so successful — about their interactions with customers over the previous week.

PORTER: Engage with customers today for a great experience

Along with traits like passion, humility and accountability, which we have touched on in earlier columns, being fully engaged with the customer is another of the seven attitude traits I discuss in my upcoming new customer experience business book, “Hire For Attitude, Train For Skills.”

PORTER: Try humor to ease angry customer's bad language

What do you do when customers use bad language throughout a conversation? Is there a way to manage customer profanity when it overshadows the encounter?

PORTER: Snappy customer greeting first sign of great service

It is my contention that your customer greeting speaks volumes about the business that lies behind it. And in this moment of truth, businesses may have just one chance to convince a potential customer to either buy from them or move on to their competitor.

PORTER: Brand promise signals great customer service

A Brand Promise you develop today signals to customers how you are building your company culture and what it is. It further lets them know what your company stands for and it is essential to forging a sustainable customer experience culture everyone can embrace.

PORTER: Use customer voice to design best experiences

Customer Voice — or Voice of the Customer — is a great survey tool I recommend that you give some attention to in the near future. It is a key strategy you can use today as you design a really terrific experience for your customers — an experience that will be memorable and keep customers coming back for more!

PORTER: What are your customers really looking for?

If you have not assembled a customer experience or are in the middle of doing so, this column is about revisiting some of those key factors I listed in the earlier piece and I hope you find them useful.

PORTER: Try providing a surprise to refresh your customer service

Providing a surprise to customer service these days is a way companies can enhance their customer experience and make it more memorable.

PORTER: New tech products demand improved service

Today we will touch on a “product adoption curve” I discovered during my years of customer experience consulting practice plus offer some tips for requesting additional service from your technology partner.

PORTER: How to please gorilla customers

Gorilla customers. Key customers. Large accounts. You know, that special group of customers you have to spend extra time on servicing.

PORTER: Time off can help customer service

The secret of time out is knowing when you really need it. So I want to leave you with some time-tested tips. And I’ll tell you a real life business story about my good friend Jim to illustrate these tips.

PORTER: Customers always appreciate a little humility

One attitude trait in great customer service that usually does not get much attention these days is humility. Modesty. Simplicity. Genuineness. These are some of the components of humility.

PORTER: Quality: Customers still know it when they see it

Here are three tips culled from my customer service book “Quest for Loyalty” to ensure your company is providing top quality services and products to your customers.

PORTER: The gold standard: Recommending a business to your friend

How good does your customer service have to be these days? Aside from general ratings, what additional indicators should you be measuring when you ask for customer loyalty feedback?

PORTER: Future customer service to get real personal

Pushing past today’s emphasis on the customer experience, these 21st century businesses all want to effect a more permanent — and ultimately more personal — change to the customer. A customer transformation.

PORTER: Keep customers loyal with values and partnerships

In a 24/7 digital world today, keeping customers loyal is anything but easy. Many choices. Competitive prices. Similar feature and benefits. What’s to keep customers from continuing to do business with you anyway?

PORTER: Listen, commit to unhappy customers

Unhappy customers. Everybody has them. But how do you respond to them today? What can you do to let them know that they’ve been heard? And how do you respond to angry customers before being judged quickly on social media?

PORTER: Great customers worth more than you think

How do you really put a value on happy customers? What’s a customer really worth? More importantly, what are the benefits of a really good customer today?

PORTER: Millennials in business go after right customers

With Millenials on pace to start some 200,000 businesses in 2015, I’ve been doing research lately into their attitudes and concerns, especially related to customer service. Their views on business issues may surprise you.


PORTER: Building a good customer service experience

“Customer experience” is the new currency of service. And authors B. Joseph Pine and James Gilmore in “The Experience Economy” suggest that creating a “memorable experience” for customers is really all about value.