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Mary C. Mayle

Portside: Developers, builders staying busy in Savannah’s red-hot industrial market

When you have the fastest-growing deep-water port in the country, it’s bound to create a domino effect. So it should come as no surprise that Savannah is now the fastest-growing industrial real estate market in the country.

Belfast Commerce Park in Richmond Hill is an example of a site being developed outside of Chatham County (Rendering courtesy Collier’s)

Portside: Fresh blueberries in February? They’re here

If you’ve been grocery shopping recently, you may have been pleasantly surprised to find a taste of summer in the produce section.

Christmas-at-Sea brings holidays to sailors far from home

Imagine a job that requires spending most of your time thousands of miles from your family with few opportunities even to check in with them by phone. Now imagine that job isolates you in the middle of nowhere with some two dozen co-workers as your only source of companionship. No running to the store or checking out a new restaurant; no catching a movie on the big screen or just taking a stroll through the park.

Chaplain Andy Krey conducts a worship service aboard a ship in the Port of Savannah. (Photo courtesy Maritime Bethel)