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BIS profile: Lynda Beam, Lyndy Wheat of T.H. Guerry Lumber Company

We provide quality materials to builders, remodelers and do it yourselfers, with a strong emphasis for custom homes. 

Lynda G. Beam, owner of Guerry Lumber, and her daughter Lindy B. Wheat, VP of the company, stand in the lumber yard of their company located off Barnard Street. (Josh Galemore/Savannah Morning News)

BiS Profile: Capt. Mike's Dolphin Adventure & Lazaretto Creek Marina

We take adults and children out to the sound to see the dolphins. We go towards the Atlantic Ocean (but we’re not in the ocean.) We go to the tip of the island so everybody can see the light house.

BiS Profile: Joey and Ron Goralczyk, Breezy Riders Taxi Service

“I try to be the best concierge on Tybee. We weren’t just driving people around. We would pick up a pizza from Huc-A-Poos and deliver it. Or someone would say, ‘Hey man, just swing by my house and feed my dogs.’ We always tried to go above and beyond.”

The Coastal Empire's auto industry is hiring more women

Around Savannah, there are more men than women working at car dealers but women have come a long way from the ’60s when, some Savannah car dealers recall, many dealerships had no car saleswomen at all. “I think the interest of women coming into the automobile dealerships would come in the ’70s,” said Kaminsky. “We started seeing interest, not only in sales but management also.”

BiS Profile: John Schnorr - Coastal Fertility Specialists

My job is spending time with a couple to learn what could be causing their infertility.

Oceanfront Hotel Tybee works to attract families for coastal vacations

Since the sale closed, Linchris has spent more than $1 million to renovate the hotel, Loehr and Thomas said. “This is our passion,” said Loehr, who moved here from Waterford, Vt., to run the hotel. The work has already paid off. 
Josh Galemore/Savannah Morning News - Hotel Tybee as seen from the Beachside parking lot.

BiS profile: Kay Ford - Advisory board chairman

I manage the advisory board meeting and put together the advisory board in Savannah. It’s a non-fiduciary board. They help us grow the bank. They’re community leaders — 18 total in Savannah, business owners in our community.

BiS profile: Kay Ford - Advisory board chairman

BiS profile: Wendy Hoersting - certified health coach

I’m a certified registered nurse-anesthetist. I went to the University of South Carolina for a masters in biomedical science with an emphasis in nurse anesthesia. I also hold a bachelor of science in nursing.

Car wash offers second chances

Cecilia D. Scott believes everybody deserves a second chance. All nine employees at her Kings ‘N Queens Car Wash have served time in prison. And Scott not only gives them a job, she mentors them.

Bobby Patterson buffs the wax on the top of the car in the garage at Kings N Queens Car Wash (Steve Bisson/Savannah Morning News).

BASIL'S: Raising the dough for 15 years

It was 8 o’clock on a Friday night, and on Wilmington Island, Basil’s Pizza & Deli was hopping.

Outside, near the deck, the band Savannah Kings was playing. And, under their mothers’ watchful eyes, three 6-year-olds were dancing to the music.

BiS Profile: Patti Lyons, president of Senior Citizens, Inc.

“I try to raise money and make sure we spend it most efficiently. I work with staff to find out what we do next. I’m constantly working with unmet needs — people who can’t afford to get our services.

BiS Profile: Patti Lyons, president of Senior Citizens, Inc.

BiS Profle: Heather Murphy, owner of the Heather Murphy Group, a real estate firm

“I sell homes. I assist in buying and selling; I advise clients on buying and selling and lending options. We assist our sellers with home improvements and staging if needed. We bring in an interior design expert to get the house ready for the market.

BiS Profle: Heather Murphy, owner of the Heather Murphy Group, a real estate firm

Bug dogs track termites, bed bugs

Hudson is the owner of Super Sniffers K-9 Inspection, a termite and bed bug detection service based out of his home at The Landings.

Arron, a beagle, uses his nose to find a vial of bed bugs during a training session with a scent calibration board. (Photos by Steve Bisson/ Savannah Morning News)

BiS profile: Laura Moore - Savannah Market President, Bank South

I’ve always been in commercial banking — dealing with small business, with companies who do manufacturing, people who want to own a business, builders. All of which is fun. You never get bored.

BiS profile: Jeff Mahany - veterinarian

Primarily, I’m a vet with all the responsibilities of a vet. I do preventive medicines — vaccines and what not, as well as diagnosing and treating small animal disease.

BiS profile: Inan Isik, The Cotton Sail Hotel

I’m not a big city person. We don’t have the traffic-jam problem. And people here are more friendly … The biggest competitor is Charleston, but Savannah is better with Forsyth Park, River Street, the restaurants. And we’re building more hotels. Savannah is growing very fast.

Autoplex: Wilmington Island's oldest business

Jerral Mayes and his son Jerral (J.R.) Mayes love repairing cars.

“I’ve always enjoyed fixing things. And with the car, there’s always something to fix,” the senior Mayes says.

Photos by Steve Bisson/Savannah Morning News- Jerral Mayes, right, and his son Jerral (J.R.) Mayes at Autoplex on Wilmington Island.

BiS profile: Ashley Stokes - Flirt with Dessert bakery

“I’ve been baking my whole life…I’m sure I was in the kitchen as soon as I could walk. I made cookies at first, when I was 4 or 5, and pound cakes.”

Providing dignity: Hospice services offer more than just compassionate care

There are at least 10 hospices in the Savannah area. And though they differ in size — Living Care Hospice has 40 patients; Hospice Savannah has 200 — they share a philosophy: ensuring death with dignity and, in the days and months as death approaches, providing compassionate care.

Mamie Ruth/M. Liz Jewelry: A unique boutique

The mannequin at the entrance to the Liberty Street boutique was wearing a straw hat – despite being headless — plus a Navaho print vest, a feather necklace and an over-the-shoulder bag edged with fringe.

Photos by Steve Bisson/ Savannah Morning News- Mary Liz Craft, left, and Emily Bargeron at their store, Mamie Ruth/M.Liz Jewelry Studios & Boutique, on West Liberty Street.